10 Essential Oils Beauty Hacks You Must Try

Some people recommend dropping the oil directly into water, but it will separate from the water if you don’t add honey. An alternative is to eliminate the water and just take a teaspoon of honey or a bit coconut oil blended with the oil.

3. Use rosemary essential oil to eliminate dandruff.

You may use rosemary primarily in the kitchen, but it has the potential to nourish your hair when mixed other oils and applied directly to the scalp. It’s believed to stimulate the hair follicles to fight thinning hair, but it will also soothe an itchy scalp while removing dandruff quickly and naturally.

Use coconut oil or olive oil as a carrier to ensure that your rosemary oil doesn’t irritate your skin. You can add other oils with potential benefits for your hair, including lavender, basil and tea tree oils.


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