15 Small Space Home office Ideas That Totally Gobsmacked Me

Home not spacious? No room for your home office, computer station, study cubicle? I bet you already have a place that can be used for any of these, it just needs to be discovered!

In this Chlorine listicle, you will meet 15 people who thought they had no room for a home office_just like you. Until.. they discovered that they actually had.

See if any of their ideas work for you. Otherwise, let your creativity workaround a fix.

#1 Dwell Inside a Closet

For Apartment therapy, crafting a home office in a no-room-for-office home was as simple as throwing away some shelves and placing a desk and a chair in the closet.

#2 Make it Simple, Fold it Up!

This minimalist setup looks awesome beside the bookshelf. Want to make it spicier? Attach a nice painting or a mirror on the back of the foldable box cover. Outside the office hours, it will serve as either a wall painting or a mirror!

#3 Look For an Extrusion

You can't turn this into an office unless you do a good deal of thinking. Just bring your chair near and scavenge space from any possible gap/extrusion.

#4 Get Under The Staircase

The space under the staircase can be the most boring place in the house if left empty. And setting up a full-fledged office under the stairs is not a new idea either. If you haven't tried yet, think once more!

#5 Look For That Empty Nook

Nothing seems missing in this empty nook-turned office. Just bring the essentials and get to work. Whether you build a desk inside or bring in a removable one, make sure the desk has drawers for files.


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