20 Smartest Yet Simplest Life Hacks That Will Make Your Life Fun in 2020

Life hacks! Where do they come from? They actually come from Japan 🌝. Life hacks are the creations of a person’s sheer creativity, someone’s trial and error, an adventuresome guy going the extra mile in pursuit of nailing a stubborn everyday life problem, and sometimes, they actually accidentally reveal themselves. In this Chlorine listicle, we have compiled the list of 20 life hacks in 2020 that are both borderline genius and equally simple. Simple enough to make you say ‘Man, why didn’t I think about this before’. Hack into life and enjoy it!

#1 Drilling a Hole in the Ceiling? Keep Dust/Debris at Bay.

Attach the base of a plastic cup to your drill and drill with open eyes. This will not only save your eyes but also keep the dust and debris from spreading across the room.

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#2 Make Your New Bin Liner Pop-up from Within

Giving your dust bin a fresh bin liner is easy but not something so convenient. Every time you discard the one filled, a new one needs to be placed. So, why not make it so convenient when it's already easily doable. Just take a used tissue paper roll and cut it as shown in the tutorial above. Place a waste plastic bag roll inside and pull the end out from the cut. Place the roll at the bottom of your dust bin. Open the top bag and cover the mouth of your bin with as you normally do. Once filled, detach and throw it only to pop up the one below already ready to use. Awesome right!

#3 Finally! The Wet Umbrella is Where it Belongs to

Take a plastic bottle and cut it into half. Insert the upper section into the base upside down. A perfect wet umbrella handler is ready to serve you.

#5 Marking Around Anything Cylindrical May Become Quite a Challenge

Want to mark around that can but don't know how to keep the line straight? Simple! Just keep the marker stationary and rotate the can.


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