5 Natural Remedies/Exercises That Can Fix Droopy Eyelids Effectively

When it comes to facial beauty, no one can deny the importance of fuller lips, a thinner nose, and a clear chin line. But the role of eyes is a different subject altogether. They have the potential to take our facial beauty to a whole new level. In fact, research has shown that men and women rate beautiful eyes more important than other facial features.

Besides the beauty part of them, eyes are also the first medium of contact. When we talk to someone, we may not notice all the time but we do our communication directly looking into the person’s eyes the whole time.

And not only that, our eyes also let other people know what’s going on inside us. Happy, sad, motivated, tired, angry_ they are in fact the mirror of the World inside us, eyes are the window to our soul. So, it’s not surprising that we put quite a bit of importance to how our eyes look.

Causes of droopy eyes

Medically termed as Pathological Droopy Eyelid or Ptosis. Droopy eyes can be temporary or permanent depending upon the cause/causes behind. Fortunately, in any of the cases above, the condition itself is treatable, so keep your motivation high and continue reading.

Common causes: Aging, inadequate sleeping.

More serious conditions: Brain tumors, Trauma, stroke, cancer of the nerves or muscles.

Droopy eyes due to sleeplessness or due to the serious conditions mentioned above can be temporary. The condition should fix itself naturally or should go away as the ailment is treated. In this post, however, we would be looking into why we get droopy eyes as we age, and the possible ways to treat them.

On the next page, we will know how does aging cause Ptosis and how to fix droopy eyelids.

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