6 Reasons Why Japanese Women Always Stay Slim & Look Younger

Japan is a healthy country_in fact one of the healthiest on the planet. With a life expectancy of 84.74, the country is second only to Monaco.

A question mark might be blinking in your mind! If Monaco has the highest life expectancy, why should we be talking about the Japanese in the first place? Alright! that’s a fair question and the answer is equally simple.  Monaco actually is just a small city with a population of around 39000. There are many cities, districts, and provinces in other countries as well where life expectancy is way higher than the rest of the country. So, a country of 39000 people backed by a strong healthcare system doesn’t qualify to be the subject of a research on longevity.

That being said,.. do you wonder on which seat does the U.S sit? Well, on the 3rd..ohh! sorry! on the 43rd seat of life expectancies_behind 42 Eastern and Western countries.

Today, we will dive into the lives of women in this Island country. Women-because they are doing even better. Japanese women not only live longer, they actually look much younger than their age. If you ever visit Japan, you will feel like all the women in the country die at age 31 because most of them look like they are in their twenties. I was in Japan for 4 years. There were many instances of mistaken age identity. I dated a 26 y/o and she turned out to be 40. When my friends invited me home, I would hardly identify the camouflaged mother among her daughters_her masterful mimicry would be spectacular.

So, what do women in Japan do that keeps them so much younger, slim and healthy? Let’s be clear about the fact that they don’t use a magic pill to bring aging to a standstill! It’s all about their lifestyle and above all, the food they eat and the way they eat. At the end of the day, it’s all about the gut baby!

Below is the list of reasons behind the lives of these frozen-in-time women of Japan.

  1. 1 Drinking Matcha is a Must

    Japanese drink matcha tea many times a day. Matcha is the highest quality of green tea leaves ground to powder. If you have ever ordered matcha online, you might have come across one type of matcha called ceremonial matcha. That tea has got its name from the fact that the Japanese literally have a tea drinking and processing ceremony.

    Health benefits:

    • A great weight loss supplement.
    •  One cup of matcha tea is the nutritional equivalent of ten cups of regularly brewed tea.
    • Matcha is the powerhouse of antioxidants. Every single sip injects a powerful dose of antioxidants into the body.
    • A test conducted by Brunswick labs showed that matcha has 3 times more antioxidants than the next 6 antioxidant-rich fruits/vegetables combined. 
    •  Matcha is also a rich source of fiber, a variety of vitamins. 
    • All these constituents combined make matcha a healthy nutrition that improves metabolism, aids in weight loss and lowers cholesterol levels.


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  1. It’s useless to scold Americans for not walking more. The U.S. is automobile friendly, pedestrian hostile. I worked in a ritzy, newly built office park in suburban Atlanta where at lunchtime we had to drive to restaurants only blocks away. Walking there would have been death defying — no sidewalks, no cross walks, no posted speed limits. I’m pretty sure the developer would have been outraged if required to include any accommodation for human beings on foot instead of behind a steering wheel.

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