5 Minute No-Equipment Workouts to Shed Fat, Tone Entire Body

Know-it-all regulars, complicated machines, pushy trainers, mystery smells – yep, I’m talking about the gym. Why deal with all that when you can complete sweat-inducing, fat-burning workouts without any equipment at all, right from your own home!

Start today with the following exercise plan coupled with the fat cutter drink provided at the end of this post. If you are someone who is looking to shed that fat, you will surprise yourself at the end of the month.

Jogging in place

Seems simple enough, but trust me, doing this exercise for a couple of minutes can get your heart rate up big time.
Jogging in place is a gentle way to get your blood pumping before the more heavy-duty stuff, making it a great warm-up move. It’ll also keep that heart rate up in between more intense cardio exercises. Because why would you wanna rest between exercises when you can squeeze in a little jogging?

Hey, that beach bod ain’t gonna magically appear on its own, just sayin’… Of course, you’ve got your standard jogging in place, pretty self-explanatory. You just lift each leg off the ground one-by-one, swing your bent arms back and forth, and literally jog without moving forward. But there are other variations you can do to target different muscles.

For example, if you really wanna kick it up a notch and work those hammies and glutes, you can turn this jogging into knee touches, picking up your knee to about hip-level with each lift. It helps to hold your forearms out in front of you with the palms facing down. That way, you can try to touch your knee to your hand each time you bring it up. Another way to intensify this workout is by widening the distance between your legs. If you have your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart, it’ll take even more energy to lift them up, helping you get your heart rate up even more. This is pretty good for your core and glutes as well.

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