Relieve Back Pain With These Great Exercises at Home

Do you sit for hours in a day? If so, you guarantee back pain. While it’s okay to sit for an hour or two, sitting for too long followed by a routine that lacks adequate physical exertion will probably result in back pain. And once you have pain in the back, you should fix it before it becomes a pain in the A**.

I am saying this because it really has the potential to seriously harm your back and neck. And why you shouldn’t, when it’s so easy that it only takes 5 simple no-equipment exercises 20 seconds each to relieve the pain altogether.

There are 5 great stretches you can do to improve the flexibility and overall health of your back and neck. Let’s start with one of the most effective moves out there:

The Wall Stretch

  1. Find a wall in your house that you can put your weight on.
  2. Face the wall, and place both of your hands flat on it with your arms extended and slightly bent.
  3. Start to bend down and arch your back, pushing your butt out. Keep your legs sturdy and straight with a slight bend at the knee.
  4. As you push your butt out, push gently against the wall you’re leaning on.
  5. Push slowly as you arch your back and push your butt out, taking deep breaths as you do so.

back pain wall stretch exercise

Feel that stretch in your lower back? That means you’re doing it right. Ahh, doesn’t that feel wonderful?

Why is this stretch so incredibly effective?

When it comes to relieving pressure on your lower back? It’s because when you sit in an office chair or on a couch, you compress your spine, especially closer to the bottom of your back. This compression causes stress on your muscles and nerves, causing aches in your lower back.

To decompress your spine, you need to stretch it out without straining it, which is exactly what this exercise does. It also stretches out your abdominal muscles, which are usually crunched together from long-term sitting.

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