Top 10 Interesting and Surprising Things You Didn’t Know About Pakistan

The Islamic Republic of Pakistan, as it’s officially known, is bordered by India, Afghanistan, Iran, China and the Arabian Sea. The territory where current day Pakistan is located was the site of several ancient cultures and later kingdoms ruled by Hindus, Muslims, Afghans, Sikhs and others. It has been ruled by various empires and dynasties, including most recently, the British Empire. Pakistan is the only Muslim country that has been created in the name of Islam. And again, its independence as a result of the Pakistan movement led by Muhammad Ali Jinnah on August 14 1947 after the United Kingdom agreed to the partitioning of India. Okay that’s enough with the background info, it’s time to take a closer look at this fascinating country. So, let’s do it..

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  1. 1 The 5th Most Populous Country In The World

    Pakistan has a population of over 210 million people as of the end of 2017. This makes it the fifth most populated country in the world behind China India and the United States and Indonesia. It's population is expected to surpass the 300 million mark by 2050. The country has one of the Worlds largest youth populations, with youth making up 65% of the total population.

  2. 2 60% Of All World Footballs Are Made In Pakistan

    Sialkot is a relatively small city in Punjab Pakistan that exports about two billion dollars worth of goods per year. That makes about 10 percent of Pakistan's total exports. Notably Sialkot is the world's largest producer of hand-sewn footballs. Plug your ears real quick if you're not American. Soccer balls, as they're referred to in the US, their local factories manufacture between forty and sixty million footballs a year which is roughly 60% of the world's total production of footballs. BRAZUCA_ the official Match Ball of the 2014 Worldcup was also made in Pakistan.

  3. 3 World's Biggest Salt Mine is In This Country

    The Khiora salt mine in Pakistan is the largest and oldest salt mine in the world. It is located in Kiora in the Punjab region of Pakistan. The mine was discovered in 320 BC and it remains the world's oldest and largest salt mine. The location is also one of the top tourist attractions in the country, receiving over 250,000 visitors annually. Khiora produces 350,000 tons of salt every year and is the country's largest source of salt. The estimated salt reserves remaining in the mine range from 82 million to 600 million tonnes.

  4. 4 The History's Youngest Nobel Laureate is a Pakistani

    Malala yousufzai became the world's youngest Nobel laureate in history in 2014, receiving the Nobel Peace Prize when she was just 17 years old. As a young teenager , Malala defied the Taliban in Pakistan and fought for girls to receive education. Her activism resulted in the Taliban issuing a death threat against her when she was  just 15 years old. She was shot in the head by a Taliban gunman but she survived and became an even more outspoken advocate for all children to have equal access to education.

  5. 5 The Sixth Largest and One Of of the Most Powerful Armed Forces In the World

    Pakistan has the sixth largest armed force in the world. As of 2017, Pakistan has over 650,000 active military members making it the sixth largest armed forces in the world, behind china, India, United States , North Korea and Russia. The Pakistani military is instrumental in supporting UN peacekeeping missions. Pakistan also has some of the best trained Air Force pilots in the world.

  6. 6 The World's Second Highest Peak K2 is in Pakistan

    K2 is the second highest mountain peak in the world at 28,000 251 feet in elevation. Just 780 feet or 237 meters shorter than the highest peak of Mount Everest. K2 has an unfortunate reputation of having a fatality rate that is three times higher than Mount Everest. 27 percent of climbers who have attempted to summit the peak have died in the process while only 9% have died while attempting to climb to the top of Mount Everest. A little over 300 people have summited k2 and over 80 people have died in the process 11 of those climbers died in a single day back in 2008.

  7. 7 Pakistan Has the World's Biggest NGO, Ambulance Service

    Pakistan’s Edhi Foundation, which is also listed in the Guinness Book of World Records, operates the world’s largest ambulance network. Founded by Abdul Sattar Edhi, the Edhi Foundation is a non-profit social welfare program in Pakistan. It was established in 1951. Until his death in 2016, Edhi was the head of the organization and his wife Bilquis, oversees the maternity and adoption services of the foundation.  The Edhi Foundation also has a number of branches in various countries including UK, Canada, Japan, US and Bangladesh where they provide relief to refugees. The  Foundation provided $100,000 in aid to relief efforts after Hurricane Katrina.


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