5 People Who Served Life Sentences, Found Not Guilty at The End

If you do a really serious crime you will get a life sentence in prison. This is given after people have found guilty for doing their crimes. But many people are wrongly found guilty every single year. Who knows how many people who didn’t do a crime will spend their entire life behind bars for no reason. Well here are some true stories of people found not guilty after spending a lifetime in jail. Some of these are so crazy and will really make you question our justice system.

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  1. 1 Lawrence McKinney from Memphis Tennessee

    In 1978 he was wrongfully convicted of stealing a lady's TV. According to the prosecution, he also did unspeakable things to the lady, and for this he was sentenced to a hundred and fifteen years in prison. 15 years for taking the TV and a hundred years for the other things. So he was expected to spend his entire lifetime behind bars. 

    But 31 years later, in 2009 new DNA evidence came about. The stunning DNA evidence found Lawrence was not even on the scene. He was released in July of 2009 after 31 years behind bars. And as compensation after he was released, he was given only 75 dollars, that's right, they took away 31 years of his life for no reason and then gave him 75 dollars to say sorry. At the time he said he was happy he was released. But he says he has no life, his entire life was taken away. 

    Now his lawyer is fighting for him to get $1,000,000 compensation but I think even $1 is not enough for 31 years in prison for no reason. I can't believe they tried to give him $71 and then told him to just leave after taking away 31 years of his life. This is really one of the most terrible stories I've ever heard. I hope Lawrence does get a lot more money in the future but nothing can give him his life back.

  2. 2 Craig Coley From California Accused Of Homicide

    This one took place in California around 40 years ago. In 1978 Craig Cody was accused of taking two lives, those being his 24 year old girlfriend wonder which and also Simmi valley, her four-year-old son. But in 2018, nearly 40 years later, Craig was acquitted. He was freed after it turned out the district attorney at the time cited false evidence. Now unlike Lawrence, he was given a more decent compensation_ 140 dollars for each day he was in prison. But that's still not very good seeing as he said every day was a living nightmare. He's now 70 years old and he went in when he was only 30. 

    This means they've pretty much taken his entire life away.  He will likely spend more of his life behind bars than free. His total compensation was around two million dollars. But he spent a ridiculous fourteen thousand days behind bars.  Craig says neither money nor anything else can make up that time lost, and it makes you think how many other people are behind bars for no good reason right now.


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